The man across from me is trying to draw me, and actually the whole back row of the number-33 bus. He’s being pretty sneaky, only looking up when we each turn away and pretend like we don’t know what he’s doing. So my response is to get out my notebook and act like I’m drawing him. This could get kind of awkward.

I’m on the way back from the Mission. I’ve just been to Andy Diaz-Hope and Laurel Roth’s studio – two cool artists that are represented by the gallery I‘m interning with. Andy’s work features a bit public art, art that involves the response of oblivious random people. He’s created kind of knitted balaclavas that transform the wearer into a businessman, a clown, an inner-city youth. The pieces then go public, the wearers ‘infiltrating’ downtown San Francisco with interesting video responses. You can see the videos here


The whole thing has made me think a little about art that has to do with public response. A couple of years ago I went to a Thomas Struth show in London, it featured a series of photographs of observing people looking at art. His results are fascinating. Some people gape in amazement, others look totally bored.



Anyway, I’m not really sure what I think about this trend, maybe it’s a little too self-reflexive, a little too ‘inception’. Or maybe I’m only saying this cause the man opposite me on the bus has now caught my eye…


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