I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Ginsberg’s line in A Supermarket in California ‘shopping for images’. I think what’s kind of interesting about it is doing something pretty habitual but approaching it in a way where the purpose is to find something exceptional or unexpected – going on a walk with the express purpose of acquiring some sort of material for your ‘inventory’ of material to be used in a creative way. There’s something oddly forced about this practice perhaps, rather than stumbling on imagery you find interesting, actively seeking it out is a different way than I’ve ever really approached ‘inspiration’.

So mixing up how I do things a little, I thought about areas of my own creativity that have been the most stagnant recently. Weirdly, I’ve been doodling the same 3 motifs things for maybe 5 years now, and it’s been bugging me, so I went out to the Mission to see if I could add to my ‘inventory of doodles’.

Expanding my Doodle Inventory

It just kind of turned into sketching, but I’ll post some more outcomes as I expand my ‘inventory’ further.


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