The art world’s most bizarre moment of the week comes courtesy of Charles Saatchi, everyone’s least favourite art collector. Taki, a 77-year-old Spectator columnist, last week expressed his distaste at the gallery-owner’s handling of the whole Nigella affair, saying Saatchi had a “coward’s bullying manner” before commenting that “expecting a pornographer to have a heart is like counting upon Charles Saatchi to act like a gentleman”.  The multi millionaire, in a surprising turn of events, has since written a letter to Taki. 70-year old Saatchi boasts about his cage fighting abilities before mocking the Spectator columnist’s black-belt status in karate, “apparently your ‘fights’ are genteel affairs, against other soppy geriatrics rolling around the floor in crisp white outfits, in some bit of judokai nonsense”. On Wednesday the columnist countered Saatchi’s taunts in a column entitled “Come on then Saatchi, name a time and place. I’m serious, are you?” in which the 77-year old states his willingness to face Saatchi “any time” under “cage fighting non-rules”.

The millionaire, who was pictured last year seemingly attempting to gag wife Nigella Lawson, appears to have turned from fighting women to now fighting the elderly – who knows, maybe next week we’ll find him mowing down innocent kids playing hopscotch with his newest flash car.

If the catfight does go ahead it will apparently be a ticketed event – the proceeds of which going towards the Boxing Academy of East London (how philanthropic). Keep your eyes on The Student Culture twitter account (@culture_student) this week – if I can find a live stream I will be live tweeting this horrifically macho nonsense. I wonder if Saatchi will have a special cage-fighting outfit (for everyone’s sake, let’s hope there won’t be any Damien Hirst speedos), or perhaps even a cage-fighting nickname, the Culture Section’s bet is on ‘The Throttler’.


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