Curtain Twitchers

Oh the hassle of a very good utility area! He bought b&q high-quality repairs
and the staircase in between, horrendous. It’s not just the physical effort
of that front bedroom again, that massive garden. Door framed all that
good space, and I still prefer grass and shrubs to a brain aneurism. They had the flowers
at the bottom of the garden piled with Suffolk pantiles – horrific!
I haven’t used him since he lumped it.
It’s quite a busy street, various services. Some of the stonework was redone.
Beautiful job. Popped in the pipes.

They cleaned up the benches in the flowers and now they speak French.
I got the electrician in I got the gardener in
I forget who’s doing the carpentry, surname is Taylor –
oh he wouldn’t speak to her, I’m still waiting for the bill. I like it, it’s lovely
I’ve got two friends getting married and an extension soon to be knocked down.


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